Location and Site Plans

 Location Plan

The location plan identifies where the land is located. A location plan must have the following:

  • North Arrow;
  • Location of a major road in relation to the site;
  • Indicate the closest DOMLEC pole number;
  • Descriptions of neighboring buildings or features;
  • Can include names of home or land owners;
  • Clearly demarcate site and access to it

Click here for a sample Location Plan (PDF, 16 KB).


Site Plan

A site plan shows how the building is placed within the boundaries of the site.  A site plan must have the following:

  • Footprint of the building
  • Front, rear and side setbacks from the boundary
  • Septic tank and soak away or sewage disposal method along with distances from boundary line and house
  • Direction of slope
  • Contour lines if necessary

Click here for a sample Site Plan (PDF, 20 KB).

Conceptual drawing to show site layout and information necessary for a site plan

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