Compliance Notice

A Compliance Notice (PDF, 165 KB) is issued where it appears to the Authority that a breach of planning control has taken place, that is to say:

  1. that any development of land has been carried out without the grant of development permission required under Part IV; or Reference of application.
  2. that any conditions or limitations subject to which development permission was granted have not been complied with; the Authority may if it considers it expedient to do so having regard to any development plan applicable to the land where the breach of planning control is alleged to have taken place and to other material considerations such as are set out in sections 25 and 37, serve a compliance notice in accordance with subsection (4) requiring the breach to be remedied. Act No.5 of 2002, Section 36.

See the Physical Planning Act (PDF, 229 KB) for further details of a Compliance Notice. Also see a sample Compliance Notice (PDF, 165 KB).

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