Subdivision of Lands

An Agricultural Lot 

Please Note: Application Forms will soon be available online. However at this time they must be picked up in person at the office of the Physical Planning Division.

Subdivision of Lands Checklist (PDF, 132 KB)

Environmental Impact Assessment

Approved Subdivisions

Sub-division means the division of a parcel of land other than buildings held under one ownership into two or more parts whether such division is by conveyance, transfer, assignment, vesting order, plan of survey, plan of sub-division, or any other instrument for the purpose of sale, gift, partition, succession, lease, mortgage or for any other purpose and such sub-division constitutes development whether or not the use for which the sub-divided land is intended constitutes development and “sub-divide” shall be construed accordingly; Physical Planning Act 5 (2002) 

Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development. Once land has been divided into streets, lots and blocks and publicly recorded, the correction of defects is costly and difficult. Subdivision of land sooner or later becomes a public responsibility, in that streets must be maintained and various public services must be provided. The public health, safety and welfare is thereby affected in many important respects. It is therefore in the interest of the public, the developer and the future owners that subdivisions be conceived, designed and developed in accordance with the regulations governing the subdivision of land within the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Land Use Plan.

Regardless of the amount of land whether it be one acre or one hundred, first consult with the planning division before dividing and selling the land.


See Subdivision Standards (PDF, 96 KB) taken from the Minimum Property Standards (Draft).


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