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Land Use and Development Plans
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Land-use planning is the term given to public policy carried out by the Planning Division

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Planning and Building Guide
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Includes Access and Roads, Buffers, Building Setbacks, Density, Floor Area Ratio, Location and Site Plans and Parking

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Subdivision of Lands
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Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development.

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Roseau Development Plan
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The Roseau Development Plan embraced a participatory approach involving many stakeholders and the general public

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Stop Orders
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Stop Orders are issued where the Board considers it expedient in the Interests of public health, public safety or the integrity of the environment that a breach of planning control should cease before the expiry of the period for compliance with a compliance.


Who are We?

The Physical Planning Division (PPD) is the executing arm of the Planning Authority. Headed by the Chief Physical Planner, the PPD is responsible for administration and operation of the system of Planning for which the Act provides.  It is also the point of contact of the Planning Authority with the Public Service and Government.

Application Review Process

Once an application is submitted for Physical Planning permission, it goes through a number of reviews from within the Physical Planning Division and external departments or Referring Agencies.

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Print on 'letter' or 8.5'' x 11'' standard all-purpose paper, and preferably double-sided.

  1. Final Planning Permission
  2. Outline Planning Permission 
  3. Subdivision of Lands 
  4. Advertisement Signs 

Development Control

Development Control is the control of development and built structures. This is enforced by the Development Control Officer (DCO), who processes the applications for Planning Permission to develop land.

Joseph Fontaine
Districts: 60, 71

Eric Shillingford
Districts: 20

Micheal Theophille
Districts: 20, 30, 71, 72, 73

Chester Alie
Districts: 40, 50

Tenny Shillingford
Districts: 30, 91, 82, 81

Miguel St. Ville
Districts: 10, 20, 92

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