Minimum Property Standards (Draft)

Minimum Property Standards (PDF, 881 KB)The information for the Minimum Property Standards (PDF, 881 KB) was obtained in part from a manual prepared for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), by the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, as a guide to planners in the OECS.

The source material for the manual has been generally taken from development manuals of regional States, including some OECS States. Technical Information, where appropriate, has been taken from the draft OECS Building Codes and Building Guidelines.

Every attempt has been made to make use of existing standards as it is recognised, and that the infrastructure standard must relate to the environment, geography and level of development of the OECS. Hence for example, in the standard for the layout of roads, traffic speeds have been kept reasonably low although there are circumstances where higher speeds may obtain.

The manual does not attempt to restrict the planner's decision making with regards to new developments, but provides yardsticks for making such decisions

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Minimum Property Standards Diagrams

The following are a list of various diagrams taken from the Minimum Property Standards.

Building Layout




Other Standards

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