Design Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Development

The Design Guidelines have been developed in recognition of the need to steer Dominica's tourism development along a sustainable path. These guidelines are intended to guide one through the process of conceiving, planning and creating a development that is sustainable. Regardless of whether it is a small property with a couple rooms or a large resort spread over acres, one would be able to tailor it to their needs.

The guidelines are intended to be most useful for:

  • Local and foreign developers of new tourism products;
  • Existing tourism industry operators who wish to upgrade;
  • Architects and building design consultants;
  • Realtors and lawyers involved in the sale of property;
  • Public sector agencies;
  • Government departments involved in policy making and in the review of development applications'
  • Can also be used by any individual wishing to construct a residential building

The Design Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Development is not a statutory planning document. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that they will enable a shared understanding of the key issues involved in the design of sustainable tourism developments.

Click to view the entire Design Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Development (PDF, 10 MB) document.

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