Your Responsibilities

A land owner is responsible for complying with the relevant Physical Planning regulations, building regulations and land use requirements. Failure to do so would result in the owner being liable for any remedial action resulting from being issued a Compliance Notice and/or Stop Orders and face legal action, and can go as far as demolition.

Read through the topics below of recommended steps to take before completing work on a plan to be submitted for Physical Planning Approval. Each topic is accompanied by series of questions followed by a solution. It is helpful to go through this list prior to purchasing land, especially when there is a specific use in mind. This would reduce possible land use conflicts and difficulties during the Physical Planning process.

Once this list has been reviewed, the Planning and Building Guide (see under the main heading Requirements), will give more specifics regarding Physical Planning requirements. Also see the Glossary and Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. It is always advisable to consult with officers at the Physical Planning Division to discuss proposals.


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