Quarry Works and Mining

  1. Quarry site visit conducted by the Monitoring Team Checklist for Quarry and Mining Works (PDF, 218 KB)
  2. Application Forms
  3. Quarry and Mining Management Checklist (PDF, 251 KB)
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment
  5. Approved Quarries
  6. Poor Quarry Management Practices (PDF, 352 KB)


The following is intended to assist planning authorities and developers when dealing with applications for mining, quarries and other associated industries, and particularly those applications involving Environmental Impact Statements.


Monitoring of Quarry Development

The Physical Planning Division is responsible for the periodic monitoring of quarry operations in the country and is the focal point of the cabinet-approved quarry monitoring team, which is also made up of representatives of the Fisheries, Forestry, Environmental Health Divisions as well as the Environmental Coordinating Unit.

The team conducts visits every 3 – 4 months to all quarry sites with the observations and the recommendations documented in the Quarry Monitoring Form and attached photographs. This form is forwarded to the developer.

In most cases the community living in close proximity to a quarry will be affected by poor management practices of that quarry. The community can play an important role in quarry monitoring and should look for the signs of poor quarry management practices.