Advertisement Signs

This sample drawing shows the information that should accompany an application for Advertisement Signs. Click for larger image (PDF, 25 KB) Checklist (PDF, 228 KB)

Application Forms

A sign is defined as any surface, fabric, device, display or visual medium, including the component parts, which bears letters, pictorial forms or sculptured matter, including logos, used or intended to be used to convey information or to attract attention to the subject matter of such sign. Graphics painted upon the side of a building which carry no advertising shall not be construed to be a sign, except where such graphics pictorially display products or business that convey an advertising intent. The term "sign" includes the sign structure and includes billboards and banners.

A sign isĀ illegal if it was erected in violation of any regulation applicable at the time of erection of such sign. Any sign which is not deemed a nonconforming sign by the Planning Authority or the designee, shall be considered an illegal sign.

Guidelines for use of Advertising Signs